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An overview of Cultic Patterns and Spiritual Abuse

Includes: (1) a clear understanding that there are such things as "false shepherds" and "spiritual abusers," (2) discussion on properly defining words and biblical terminology in general, (3) counterfeit Christians/Christianity and how they/it redefine(s) biblical terminology, (4) reading of numerous Scriptures in Deut. 13; Matt. 24; Acts 20; Gal. 1; Phil. 3; Col. 2 and more, (5) various false teachers in the church today, (6) pseudo-Christian cults, (7) Four Main Patterns found in cults and cultic movements, (5) identifying spiritual abuse and various forms of Authoritairanism, and (6) brief mention of things such as "diminished personal autonomy," "undue influence," "duress," "suicide," etc.

(Series recorded: Aug 1998 / Posted: 04-18-2014)

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