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As an independent Christian outreach, we are committed first and foremost to the Lord Jesus Christ and the integrity of His Word. We also research, inform and warn about the dangers of cults, spiritual abuse, and mystical/occult based spirituality.

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Nov 8, 2017


Jesus Calling PART 3 - New Age "Messages": Sarah Young's Contemplative Prayer Method Identical to Passive, Telepathic-Psychic Literary Mediumship!

An 11 Part Audio Series by Chris Lawson

This discernment teaching message is also available as one lengthy audio under the title, Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling Messages Compared to Spirit Channeled Messages (See episode menu).

See The "Jesus Calling" Sarah Young Devotional Series - Expose Archive.

Note for Jesus Calling devotional readers: This series includes direct quotes from the Jesus Calling author Sarah Young, from her personal interviews with news correspondents. These quotes are then compared to definitions from The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary (June G. Bletzer, Ph.D.).

Part 3

  • The book of Jude in the Bible warns the Church against apostasy and false teachers.
  • See Jude’s exhortation to "contend earnestly for the faith" (Jude 3,4).
  • Exalting the Lord, defending the faith, and warning about deception.
  • We are not here to pass judgment on her (Sarah Young’s) heart.
  • Sarah Young’s literature, says “Jesus” is talking to her.
  • See, “Another Jesus” Calling - How False Christs Are Entering the Church Through Contemplative Prayer - SECOND EDITION - by Warren B. Smith
  • A New Age channeled book by the name of God Calling influenced Sarah Young in her own personal pursuit to receive alleged "messages" from Jesus.
  • Which "Jesus" is calling and which God is “calling”?
  • Ten Things You Should Know About Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling.
  • Warren B. Smith’s biblical refutation of Sarah Young’s Christian devotional book Jesus Calling.
  • Damage Control for a False Christ (Booklet) by Warren B. Smith.
  • New Age Implications of Jesus Calling (Booklet) by Warren B. Smith.
  • Dangerous pre-Christian "shrooming" experience in the California desert.
  • Testimony of an occult vision and seeing a giant counterfeit "Jesus" in the sky.
  • New Age/occult spirit revelation from a demonic spirit masquerading as "Jesus."
  • Paul the Apostle's concern about Christians being deceived (2 Corinthians 11:1-4).
  • Paul the Apostle warns about corrupting influences on the Christian's mind.
  • Paul rebukes believers who put up with people who bring false gospels and false christs.
  • Even Satan can transform himself into an “angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:12-15).

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Chris Lawson
Jude 3