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As an independent Christian outreach, we are committed first and foremost to the Lord Jesus Christ and the integrity of His Word. We also research, inform and warn about the dangers of cults, spiritual abuse, and mystical/occult based spirituality.

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Jul 6, 2017


Dangers of Occultism, Inner Healing, Visualization, and Guided Imagery

(2016 Sanctuary Conference - The Christianising of Occult Techniques)

In this teaching session, Chris Lawson exposes the dangerous occult practices of visualization, guided imagery, and inner healing, its implications, and how it is influencing...

Feb 9, 2017


Potentially Harmful and Dangerous Spiritual Practices

Warning About New Age, Holistic, Mystical/Occult Practices


Are you a Christian who does yoga, Reiki, or some other form of occult/mystical energy work practice?

See detailed list of Potentially Harmful and Dangerous Spiritual Practices. 

Watch - Video on Vimeo!

Nov 10, 2015


Shamanism Revived - The Christianizing of Four Occult Techniques

Ministry of the Holy Spirit versus Visualization, Inner Healing, Centering Meditation, and Hypnosis

This audio message takes a close look at the Holy Spirit’s ministry in the Christian life versus dangerous Shaman techniques employed by a wide variety...

Oct 30, 2015


Satanism, Witchcraft and Halloween

A sober warning about the kingdom of darkness!

This audio message is from a series of lectures on the dangers of Occultism and many practices associated with it. Recorded in the late 1990s during an outreach in San Luis Obispo, CA - when Chris was serving as a pastor in that same...

Aug 5, 2015


Scientism, Sorcery and Word-Faith Movement Christianity


The dangerous lust for power and godhood!


As more and more churches and Christian movements are being boldly deceived into embracing occult principles wrapped in Christian terminology, the discerning believer in Christ must not remain silent!