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As an independent Christian outreach, we are committed first and foremost to the Lord Jesus Christ and the integrity of His Word. We also research, inform and warn about the dangers of cults, spiritual abuse, and mystical/occult based spirituality.

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Feb 9, 2017


Potentially Harmful and Dangerous Spiritual Practices

Warning About New Age, Holistic, Mystical/Occult Practices


Are you a Christian who does yoga, Reiki, or some other form of occult/mystical energy work practice?

See detailed list of Potentially Harmful and Dangerous Spiritual Practices. 

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I consider all of the ‘Potentially Harmful and Dangerous Spiritual Practices’ that I mention (and many more) to have the potential to be spiritually harmful, if not downright exceedingly dangerous.

I am issuing these warnings because many New Age, holistic and mystical/occult spiritual practices we warn about include either one, two, three—or all four of the following components of the occult/psychic worldview:

  1. Mystical and supernaturalistic health-related methods.
  2. Founded on occult principles.
  3. Dangerous forms of occult and mystical practices.
  4. Based on the writings and beliefs associated with either paganism, spiritism, occultism, or mysticism.

Furthermore, many undiscerning Christians and churchgoers are involving themselves these days with potentially dangerous and dangerous mystical/occult practices.

Just because something "feels good" or can bring "healing" does not necessarily mean it is of God - even if it is found in a church or prayer setting.

Chris Lawson
Jude 3