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As an independent Christian outreach, we are committed first and foremost to the Lord Jesus Christ and the integrity of His Word. We also research, inform and warn about the dangers of cults, spiritual abuse, and mystical/occult based spirituality.

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Apr 7, 2014

Why Yoga Cannot Be Christianized

An overview of the facts!


(1) Definitions of Yoga from dictionaries, encyclopedias, occult sources, and Hindu reference works.

(2) A biblical refutation of Yoga.

(3) The mention of subcategories such as the following:

  • The Fear of God and His Word
  • The primary aim of Yoga, Definitions
  • The Christians allegiance
  • Yoga’s Worldview versus the Christian Worldview
  • Yoga is hostile to Jesus Christ and His work
  • Biblical prohibitions against occult practices
  • What happens when people reject the facts
  • Yoga has come West
  • Embracing one’s own divinity through Yoga
  • West and East being married together
  • Different great lies that fuel Yoga
  • How Yoga philosophy and practice are yoked to each other
  • Yoking to Shiva
  • Hatha Yoga - "sun/moon" worship!
  • Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism are all linked together through Yoga
  • Yoga’s dangerous effects on human beings
  • Occult subjection
  • Occult oppression
  • Testimonies and case studies examples of personal damage
  • Expose’s from non-Christian and Christian perspective
  • Yoga as a gateway to Eastern Mysticism and the Occult
  • Susan Bordenkirchner’s, Yoga for Christians: A Christ-Centered Approach to Physical and Spiritual Health through Yoga.

(Recorded: December 2012 / Posted: April 7, 2014)

Chris Lawson
Jude 3